Those who find themselves at a painful crossroad in life due to their gender identity should have the resource of a professional who hadherself, traveled this road
Permission to Be
My expertise is helping those clients who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship problems due to sexual and gender issues. Many recognize at some point in their lives that they do not fit in the sex/gender to which they were assigned at birth and are unsure of where this might leave them, this in a world dominated by a binary (male/female) construction of gender.

My experience is that such persons want to be themselves fully and authentically. In a profound and fundamental way it is my privilege to help everyone to be themselves. I often will temporarily give them permission to be (and even lend courage) until such point as they no longer need permission from anyone and are liberated to be true to themselves.

Individuals searching to define for themselves their true humanity and individuality will find me to be knowledgeable and compassionate. I have what has been described as a warm personal style. I myself have traveled this road