Dr. Erica Anderson-As a clinical psychologist of 30 years, I have extensive experience working with clients of all ages including individuals, couples and families. In recent years my practice has been focused on concerns of teenagers and adults. Although I treat many conditions, I specialize in helping those with anxiety and depression who find themselves at a cross-road in life, especially if sexuality and gender are part of the mix.

The immense challenges one faces while searching for identity and meaning can be bewildering. Nothing about the human experience is binary, digital or black and white. Those who identify with the transgender spectrum consult me for assistance with the issues
associated with gender variance.

You are a unique and precious human being deserving of compassion, honest counsel and guidance.
I have dealt with issues of gender identity in my own life and bring professional know-how, empathy and compassion to the subtlety of the individual’s journey.

I have been married, raised children, lived in a number of areas of the United States and traveled extensively. I’ve been empowered through love and acceptance to take this path in my own life. So, I’ve stood where you may be standing today…and I’m standing tall as a Transgender Woman.