speaking topics Transgender and Queer in Contemporary Society, The Development of Gender Sexuality, Gender, and Identity, Masculine and Feminine: What are they?
Call me Caitlyn - Bruce & Caitlyn Jenner: How does this Happen? Training of Healthcare Professionals in Transgender Clinical Practice, Discrimination Against Trans and Queer, Queer Families .Gender Transitions, Androgyny, Erica’s Story/Stories
PRACTICE FOCUSSexuality Gender Identity Speaking | Writing 2015 ENGAGEMENTS

Arizona Psychological Association/Granite Mountain Psychological Association training to 40 psychologists and psychotherapists on Gender and Trans Gender issues.

Rainbow Center the principal LGBTQ Center for Contra Costa County, session for transgender/gender queer youth on medical & psychological issues.

JFK University guest lecturer in several courses in Child and Adult Development on Gender.

Back to the Body, New Orleans, sexuality workshop.

Gender Spectrum, session addressing Masculinity and Femininity in Today’s Society.